Home Hydroponics for Cost-Effective Food Production

Cost-Effective Food Production

Hydroponics Home System

Home hydroponics is the use of hydroponic soil-free growing methods to grow plants in your own home for personal use. You may enjoy growing fruits and vegetables as well as flowers and various herbs at home using hydroponics.

Home Systems is Cost-Effective 

Many people have the misconception that hydroponic growing is expensive or too time-consuming compared to regular gardening. Some people believe that you need complicated and expensive equipment. While this may be the case in larger commercial operations, setting up a small hydroponic system at home can be relatively inexpensive and uncomplicated. You can design your own system or buy a pre-made kit. In fact, once you set up a system, you may find that hydroponic gardening is less expensive and time-consuming than what you had been doing before.

Home hydroponics can actually save you money by reducing the number of resources needed to grow plants. With hydroponics, you can recycle water so that less water is used. This is both good for the environment and reduces your water cost. You will not need soil and you will use less fertilizer, which will also reduce your costs. Hydroponic growing also lessens the amount of space you need to grow your plants.

Hydroponic Produce Better

In addition to saving money and space, home hydroponics also produces better, healthier plants. This is especially important if you are growing fruits or vegetables to be eaten. Food is grown using hydroponic methods generally lasts longer, tastes better and is fresher than food is grown in soil.

Ebb and flow System 

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You can use many different methods to set up your own home hydroponics system. One of the most popular methods is the ebb and flow design. To set up an ebb and flow system you need a large plastic container to hold the growing medium and plants, another large plastic container to hold the pump and nutrient solution, a hydroponics nutrient solution, and stones or gravel to act as a growing medium. You will also need a submersible pump, an air pump, a timer, and plastic tubing that is used to drain the water as well as connect the pump to the plant holder.


The basic idea of the ebb and flow system is that the nutrient solution and water are pumped into to growing container that holds the plants. As the water levels rise and reach the top of the container it reaches the drainage outlet, which funnels the solution back to the growing container to be recycled. When the timer goes off, the pump stops, which allows the water and nutrient solution to fall back down past the pump and into the nutrient container.

Your home hydroponics system can be placed outside or inside depending on your personal preference. The plants will need access to adequate sunlight and will need to be protected from animals and extreme weather. A little bit of rain is fine for the plants, but too much will dilute the nutrient solution, making the system less effective.