About Us

How Hydroponicsbase.com was started

HydroponicsBase.com was Started when I myself started growing plants in my home and felt how there is very little information on the internet about Hydroponics. One day I was searching on the internet to grow lights and was bogged down with low-quality Chinese lights and therefore I thought to work on my website where I can write about my first-hand experience with hydroponics and also guide others who are looking to get started with it.

The mission at HydroponicsBase is very simple.

We want to help 1 million people around the world learn and start their own Hydroponics farm.

Since founding this website as a hobby in 2016, Hydroponicsbase.com has grown to reach millions of hobbsits around the world in over 100 countries around the world.


Aiming to educate 10 million People.

Hydroponics was started by me to educate at least 10 million people on the right way to do grow vegetables and fruits indoor with modern methods of Hydroponics, Aquaponics and Aeroponics.

How I review the products on this blog?

I have vouched to never take money for reviews or free products. All Product reviews that you find of this website are only written after my thorough research and hours of usage.

I never use Wikipedia as a source” 


Hydroponics is on growth!

Modern Farming methods are on growth with reducing crop area and rapid urbanization and that is why I will be bringing all the latest hydroponics news for your people here.

What can you expect from hydroponicsbase.com?

You can expect a lot of first-hand information about Modern Farming Techniques as well as honest and nonbiased product reviews for various products available online as well in stores near you.


Want to talk to me or send me suggestions,Please contact

contact (at) hydroponicsbase (dot) com